Knockstudy was honored to have producer TOKiMONSTA swing by our workshop last Tuesday for a quick Q&A from our Knockstudy DJs.

She shared her story, tour experiences, and even a few of her hidden tricks on Ableton!

It was interesting to hear that her devotion to her music came from the persuasion of a college friend that suggested that she explore her musical creativity. However, her career only truly took off after not one, but two unfortunate layoffs from the bizdev sector of the video game industry, and some backing from Flying Lotus.

Now you can catch Toki traveling the world to Australia, Montreal, New York, DC and beyond, playing her music in front of thousands.

Inside her purse was an SP-404

Zo stays with his T.R. pose

We thank TOKiMONSTA for taking the time to stop and dropping some knowledge for our future Knockstudy DJs.

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