2012 LACMA & Knockstudy

Knockstudy came back to the LACMA! Jammin’ and rappin’, our Knockstudy musicians performed on stage once again at the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts. With over 400 high school students attending, the night was filled with loud music and crazy dancing. As it got darker with clouds filling the sky, hives of students rushed to the dance floor. The sky beamed of red lights and the speakers blasted with crazy combinations of dubstep and hip-hop. The hectic, yet extravagant, night lasted until LACMA closed.

It’s loud and it’s crazy! DJ Libra spins his set for the crowd for half the night. The crowd gathers to hear his remix on some of the most popular hip-hop songs out. ”I felt as if I had reached my dream but this is barely the start” -DJ LIBRA  You can also check him out on his facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/pages/DJ-Libra/190676837643410

The audience goes up on stage and starts dancing while Amani Murphy spins! “I don’t know what it was about LACMA, but I got some weird energy surge there and was going crazy in the best way possible. Haha, I think it was the dubstep..” – Amani Murphy

Ryo Kawamata, a graduate of Intuition’s MC/Writing Class back in February, goes on stage to freestyle a verse. Listening to Ryo’s improvisational skills, the crowd cheers and awes simultaneously. “I look forward to the next collab event between Knockstudy and LACMA!” – Ryo Kawamata




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